Caitlin and Charlotte have appeared on a number of podcasts and across media together. Here’s a selection of a few of their appearances:

  1. Tosche Station Radio #163: Who Are You?
  2. Scavenger’s Hoard Episode #29 – Prequels Discussion with Charlotte and Caitlin of Skytalkers
  3. The Disney Culture Club, Network1901 Episode 19
  4. The Geek Directive, Star Wars Character Throwdown
  5. The Geek Directive, More Star Wars is the Best Star Wars
  6. Beltway Banthas: Politician Profile on Princess Leia Organa
  7. The Star Wars Show Her Universe Fashion Show, Celebration Orlando 2017 Day 4
  8. The Forcecast: Colin Trevorrow is OUT!
  9. The Forcecast Rebels Roundtable: Season 4 Preview
  10. Unmistakably Star Wars: Star Wars On Tap feat. Charlotte Errity & Caitlin Plesher


  • Dragon*Con 2017: Appeared on the panel “40 Years of Star Wars: A New Hope.”

Reviews of Skytalkers: This Galactic Life:

Roqoo Depot Review 4/13/17 – “It’s a really nice discussion and I highly recommend this one for Rebels fans.”

Roqoo Depot Review 4/6/17 – “Good episode with good audio, good production quality and good hosts. I’ll be checking this one out again.”