Knowing Kenobi: The King of Swords

Happy summer series! In our first episode of our three-part analysis of Obi-Wan Kenobi, we first begin by aligning Obi-Wan with the tarot card, The King of Swords. We discuss what that means and why Obi-Wan fits that phrasing. Then, we explore the development of the character and trace the origins from the early 70s to now, with anecdotes about Alec Guinness and Carlos Castaneda. Then, we discuss what moments we see as the defining character moments. All this and more.

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Knowing Kenobi series artwork by Kara DJ, author and artist behind “Into a Larger World” fanzine. Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her zine!

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The Bad Batch: “Return to Kamino” Discussion

Caitlin and Charlotte discussion part 1 of the finale, “Return to Kamino”, episode 15 of The Bad Batch! Emotions run high during this episode where we were on the edge of our seats the entire time. Topics include: Redemption, music, comparing TLJ/ESB/ROTS and The Clone Wars, “the bet,” and so much more.

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Gwendoline Yeo (Nala Se) on The Bad Batch: Roundtable Interview

Caitlin and Charlotte joined a group of fan sites and podcasts for a roundtable interview with the voice actress behind Nala Se and other Star Wars animated characters like Cato Parasitti to discuss her evolving role in The Bad Batch! She talks about voice performance, what Star Wars means to her, learning new things about Kaminoans, and much more. She was an absolute delight. Thanks so much to Lucasfilm for this amazing opportunity!

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The podcasters and fan sites who asked questions besides Skytalkers:

Tricia Barr / FAN GIRL BLOG
James Burns / JEDI NEWS

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“The Rising Storm” (The High Republic) Discussion

Caitlin and Charlotte break down Cavan Scott’s “The Rising Storm,” part of the High Republic. First, they share their first impressions and how the book compares to Light of the Jedi; they also share their favorite moments and characters. Then, they dive into deeper themes and what’s next for the High Republic. Finally, they swap quotes from the novel and analyze them. All this and more on this episode. For light and life!

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