Analyzing the End Credits Music of the Skywalker Saga 

Caitlin and Charlotte break down each musical suite of the end credits of each of the Skywalker Saga movies. Which is our favorite? What do they convey? What do they say about the film that precedes the credits themselves? We take a look at all of it and come away with some intriguing takeaways. Huge thanks to our listener Colton for suggesting this episode last year! Click here to download the episode directly!

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The Bad Batch: “The Clone Conspiracy” & “Truth and Consequences” (Season 2, Episode 7 & 8)

Caitlin and Charlotte return to discuss the latest episodes of The Bad Batch, “The Clone Conspiracy” and “Truth and Consequences” (2×07 and 2×08) — a double episode mid-season premiere! *That* big reveal, political machinations, and much, much more. Click here to download the episode directly.

The Bad Batch: Season 2, Episodes 3, 4, 5, & 6 Discussion

Charlotte and Caitlin are back with season 2 coverage of “The Bad Batch”! The week, we’re covering:

  • 02×03: “The Solitary Clone”
  • 02×04: “Faster”
  • 02×05: “Entombed”
  • 02×06: “Tribe”

Favorite episodes, themes from each episode, character development, and much more. Click here to download the episode directly!

Six Year Anniversary Special

We’ve been podcasting for six whole years… and what an incredible journey it has been! Join us as we reflect on 6 years and the past year in this special episode. First, we revisit our the Star Wars Dinner Party question and share our updated lists for 2023. Then, we answer your questions about the podcast, this past year, and much more. 

Thank you SO much for following us for the past 6 years and for letting us be a part of your fandom! We are looking forward to many more! Click here to download the episode directly!

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