Our “The Last Jedi” Speculation Podcasts Compiled in One Place…

… to hold off your appetite until Thursday or Friday (or whenever you’re seeing The Last Jedi!), we thought we’d put together a spoiler-free list of our podcasts that dive into heavy speculation of the film from the last year. Hope you enjoy!

  1. The Heroine’s Journey & The Last Jedi with Scavenger’s Hoard | iTunes
  2. Our Full Trailer Reaction & Discussion | iTunes
  3. The Last Jedi’s teaser reaction + Star Wars Celebration audio with the crowd watching together | iTunes
  4. Kylo Ren-demption theories + final thoughts before the film | iTunes
  5. The Last Jedi Entertainment Weekly Article Discussion | iTunes


Supporting Puerto Rico

Hi all, Charlotte and Caitlin here to share a signal boost and hopefully inspire some of our listeners and fans to perhaps contribute a little bit to funds to assist Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Our good friend and fellow podcast collaborator Johnamarie Macias of The Wookiee Gunner and Rebels Chat said it better than we ever could:

As many of you know, Puerto Rico was hit hard when Hurricane Maria passed through it last week. The stories of there being no power and cell phone communications are true. I haven’t been able to contact my family because they’re too far out of reach. Food is scarce, gasoline stations are being sucked dry, and clean water is hard to find.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the light side or dark side, Rebel Alliance or Empire, I think it’s time that we all take up the role of a good person. When we see someone in need, we should do something to help. I know times are hard and there’s financial stress wherever you turn, but if you could just take a couple of moments to donate to one of the following organizations, you’d be making a difference. Even if it’s $1, that $1 can go a long way.

Johnamarie put together a list of places to donate to help with the rebuilding of her birthplace:

If you’re in a position to help financially, please consider clicking one of the above links to assist Puerto Rico. Thank you all so much, and may the Force be with you.

PS: click here to view Johnamarie’s original post.

Star Wars Escape Pods Network

The Star Wars Escape Pods Network – Joint Press Release

You remember it – the first time Star Wars reached in, grabbed your heart, and refused to let go! Whether it was a scene, a character, a ship, or a duel, the moment is likely emblazoned on your heart and mind, and has forever impacted your life.

It’s those experiences – whether from the Original Trilogy or the Prequels, whether battling imaginary enemies with a cardboard tube, or losing yourself in a novel or comic – that speak to fans’ hearts, and are echoed throughout our lives. Like you, we also love that galaxy far, far away, and have strived to bring you quality productions each week because we want to share in those continued experiences with you!

Therefore, it is with great excitement The Wookiee GunnerSkytalkers, and Unmistakably Star Wars announce our formal partnership and the formation of The Star Wars Escape Pods Network. Our vision is to be a podcast network, recognized by you, the listeners, as well as industry insiders for our quality, our creativity, and for actively promoting positivity in fandom. We look forward to bringing you high-quality and engaging podcasts that strive to deliver a variety of unique views and perspectives into the Star Wars Galaxy.

Skytalkers was founded on two best friends who loved Star Wars and needed an outlet to discuss their growing fandom together. The creation of the podcast also led to the creation of countless new friends within the Star Wars community. We are thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with some of our new friends from Unmistakably Star Wars and The Wookiee Gunner to form a new project: The Star Wars Escape Pods Network. Dedicated to providing you quality content and in-depth, organized discussions about Star Wars, this new network will include all of our podcasts on the network feed, and some surprises along the way!

Unmistakably Star Wars
Star Wars resonates with its fans for a multitude of reasons – one of them being the telling of an epic, and sometimes unexpected, journey. Star Wars podcasting is often a reflection of this, as well! As Unmistakably Star Wars celebrates its 100th episode, we are honored and privileged to announce our new partnership with The Wookiee Gunner and Skytalkerspodcasts, and the forming of The Star Wars Escape Pods Network. In doing so, we invite you to be part of this epic journey with us and our incredibly awesome partners!

The Wookiee Gunner
It’s been 3 years since I pulled my mom, Maria, over to the microphone and told her that we were going to start a podcast. Since then, we’ve shared many laughs, engaged in numerous thoughtful conversations, and spoke with various friends and professionals from the Star Wars community. We’ve had a fantastic experience together, and when we were approached for a new podcasting opportunity, I thought it was time to take Rebels Chat to the next level. That’s why we’re happy to announce that our family-friendly, mother-daughter duo will be part of this new podcast network. When I first brought it up to my mom, she said, “What’s a podcast network?” I laughed and explained, but that’s proof that things will be just as hilarious as ever in our show. That said, we hope you continue to stay with us as we enter this new collaborative stage in our podcasting lives.

Today is a new day for our podcasts, and if you’ve been a dedicated listener, please note that all shows will maintain their individual feeds in addition to The Star Wars Escape Pods Network main feed, but we encourage you to subscribe when the network feed goes live and listen to our podcasting partners, since the goal of our network is to support each other and spread more positive vibes across the fan community.

As we continue to hammer out the details and finish building weareescapepods.com, be sure to follow and engage with us on Twitter, @WeAreEscapePods, where more news and updates will be released.

Skytalkers take Dragon*Con 2017 – Photos, Panel Audio, & Recap


Our second year at Dragon*Con was even better than our first. It solidified to both of us that Dragon*Con is a really special convention—in a world when geek culture just gets more and more prevalent and comic conventions turn into major film announcements, somehow Dragon*Con strikes the balance of being a traditional “every-fan” convention as well as a major hub of celebrities across all mediums. It remains as one of the largest sci-fi conventions in the world. This year, the four-day convention broke records by welcoming more than 80,000 people.

This year was special for us, though. Last year when we attended, the idea for us starting a podcast was born. We found that a whole group of people existed—beyond the small circle of creators and podcasters we had heard of—that was interested in having very in-depth discussions about these films. It was the spark that got our mind working: how can we join this conversation? (A few months later, Skytalkers was born.)

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