The Mandalorian: Chapter 24 “The Return” (Finale, Season 3, Episode 8) Discussion

It’s the finale of The Mandalorian Season 3! What did we think? The ending? The fighting! The action sequences! What’s next for our crew? We discuss all this plus the theme of renewal, our favorite sequences, the restoration of Mandalore, the satisfaction we both feel, and so much more. Click here to download the episode directly.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 22 “Guns for Hire” & Chapter 23 “The Spies” (Season 3, Episode 6 & 7) Discussion

Charlotte and Caitlin are back from Star Wars Celebration and ready to talk all about The Mandalorian Chapter 22, “Guns for Hire”(Season 3, Episode 6), and Chapter 23, “The Spies” (Season 3, Episode 7)! They discuss the wonderful weird of Plazir-15 and the hunt for the rogue droids before diving into the dramatic penultimate episode. In “The Spies”, they dissect Grogu’s character development, Bo and Din’s heart to heart, and who could be the ultimate spy this season! All this and more on this episode of Skytalkers.  Click here to download the episode directly.

Live from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023

It’s our live podcast recording from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 in London! We recorded this on 4/9 and talked all about the new announcements: new movies, Rey returns!, Dave Filoni film, The Acolyte, Ahsoka, and so much more. Plus, we go around the room and talk about funny and lovely stories from Celebration thus far. Please note: since those stories were pretty conversational, I had to bump up the audio considerably. Apologies if they’re hard to hear!

Thank you all so much for attending and for those who couldn’t attend: Thank you for listening! We are endlessly grateful.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 21 “The Pirate” (Season 3, Episode 5) Discussion

Charlotte and Caitlin talk about the latest episode of The Mandalorian, Chapter 21 “The Pirate” (Season 3, Episode 5). Pirates, Bo-Katan’s purpose and what the Armorer meant, the future of Nevarro, Zeb (!!!), and so much more.  Click here to download the episode directly.

Join us at our live show at Star Wars Celebration Europe on 4/9 at 1 PM — Room 14 on the HoloNet News Stage! We can’t wait… see you in London!