Weekly Transmission 6/9/17

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! New podcast drops tomorrow here. Here’s a roundup of our favorite things on the internet this week.

  1. This thread on Twitter by user Glendon Mellow about the merits of the Star Wars prequels. Our listeners know we love the prequels, and this is an amazing visual look at what makes the prequels great.
  2. If you’re a lover of all things Disney Parks, be sure to check out Amy Ratcliffe and Aaron Fairbanks’ new podcast The Disney Diet. Their newest episode discusses the future of franchise lands, which has some serious relevance to the upcoming Star Wars Land addition.
  3. Bobby Roberts cut the original John Williams track for when Rey grabs the lightsaber into The Force Awakens. Here’s what he had to say about that:
    When Rey grabs the lightsaber in the climax of The Force Awakens, John Williams’ *original* score for the moment (it can be heard on the official soundtrack in the track “The Ways of the Force”) was replaced in the final edit with tracked-in music from Star Wars (“Burning Homestead” on the Special Edition soundtrack, “The Return Home” on the original soundtrack LP). The music as scored doesn’t fit exactly with the final edit (hence the tiny silence before Rey’s saber ignites) possibly suggesting that the tracked music was chosen as much for its length as it was its emotional power, or that the scene was lengthened to accomodate the emotion of the tracked music. This is what it would have sounded like in the film had Williams’ score been (more or less) left alone.” Watch the video below to see it cut together. What do you think?
  4. New Battlefront II image shows Theed and it’s cool:3244118-screen+shot+2017-06-07+at+1.51.06+pm.png
  5. Dave Filoni had a birthday and squashed our dreams of Ahsoka being the giant wolf in Rebels:

Weekly Transmission 6/2/17

… and we’re back for another Weekly Transmission! Here’s a list of Star Wars related things that have been on our mind all week.

1. The film “Looking For Leia,” which profiles fangirls and their relationship with Star Wars, launched their Kickstarter recently. Annalise Ophelian and her crew still have stories to find and let unfold so let’s get them to their goal! Go HERE to donate. (By the way, yes that’s Caitlin’s voice in the sizzle reel!)


2. The Star Wars Show is always great and we are very lucky to have it, but this week’s episode felt especially special, with Mayim Balik stopping by, a tour of Lucasfilm & all the cool stuff around (check in in five years when Caitlin is working in the archives at Lucasfilm #dreamjob), and we get a visit with Kitster. Watch it now.

3. Charlotte was a special guest on two podcasts last week: Podcast 66 with Ryan and Daniel, and Savanna Kiefer’s Dorky Diva Show. Charlotte co-hosts on Podcast 66 and helps the guys interview the amazing Claudia Gray, talks Vanity Fair photos, and Hayden Christensen fandom. Then, she talked with Savanna about everything #SWCO and our mutual favorite show, Master of None. Check them both out!

4.Charlotte’s favorite tweet of the week:

5. While we’re still catching up with all the Star Wars 40th special releases, Jim and Alex over on A Star Wars Comic release an amazing fan-made comic every month on the 25th. This month’s was no exception, and was one of our favorites so far. These guys are extremely talented and the Star Wars fandom is lucky to have them. Click here to read “On the Surface.”

That’s all! No new episode this Saturday, but don’t forget about last week’s episode on Jyn Erso and Rebel Rising. See you next week!

Weekly Transmission 5/26/17

Hi Star Wars fans! We are implementing a new feature on skytalkers.com… a week in review! Every Friday we’ll post our favorite finds from across the web: tweets, articles, photos, etc. related to the galaxy far, far away. Submissions welcome!

  1. Before our newest podcast goes up tomorrow, don’t forget to check out latest podcast on The Last Jedi poster, Anakin’s fall to the dark side, and what our favorite new canon novel is: click here to download it on iTunes!
  2. Japanese poster for The Last Jedi claims that the film includes the biggest reveal yet in a Star Wars film! What does it all mean? Should we even consider this anything besides a cheeky marketing scheme? I tend to believe that it’s purely to getting an audience excited… I suppose all will be revealed in December!
  3. The big news of the week was Vanity Fair’s huge spread on The Last Jedi. Which photo is your favorite? A few of our favorite things revealed: the beautiful Carrie Fisher photos, details about Laura Dern’s character, the fact that Rose Tico (hello, last name!) has a sister in the film, and the name of the casino planet/city, Canto Bight.star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss02
  4. A collection of Constable Zuvio stories made by some fans for Heath’s birthday (we included a story!). Forward and project spearheaded by the amazing Danny! Click it for insanely weird and totally fun fan fiction based on the Kyuzo lawman who never really had much screen time. 
  5. Laura Dern was with John Williams, who is currently scoring The Last Jedi:Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.55.06 PM

… and that’s it! Be sure to check here again for tomorrow’s newest episode!