Andor: Episode 12 “Rix Road” Finale Discussion

We made it to the finale and we are not ready to say goodbye! Caitlin and Charlotte break down our feelings over Andor Episode 12 as all roads lead back to Ferrix. We discuss how all our main characters finish out the season, our hopes for next year, and if B2-EMO really is the softest droid of them all.  Click here to download the episode directly!

Andor: Episode 10 “One Way Out” Discussion + Interviews with Beau Willimon, Sanne Wohlenberg, David Accord, and T.J. Falls

Caitlin and Charlotte are back to talk about this firecracker of an Andor episode: “One Way Out,” episode 10. We discuss the prison riot, Luthen’s soliloquy, Mon Mothma’s tense meeting with Davo, and how the theme of sacrifice unites them all. How far are all our characters willing to go for the Rebellion and personal freedoms? We cover all that in addition to our incredible roundtable interviews this week on Skytalkers! Click here to download the episode directly.

Beau Willimon & Sanne Wohlenberg Roundtable: 59:20

David Accord & T.J. Falls Roundtable: 1:32:40

Thanks to our fellow roundtable participants and to Lucasfilm for the invite to participate! Triad of the Force; That Gay Jedi; Star Wars Explained; Pink Milk; Friends of the Force; Blast Points; Ahch-To Radio; Tatooine Sons; Talking Bay 94; Jedi News; Fantha Tracks; Around the Galaxy 

Andor: Episode 9 “Nobody’s Listening!” Discussion

This week, Caitlin and Charlotte are discussing Andor Episode 9 “Nobody’s Listening!”, directed and written once again by Toby Haynes and Beau Willamon! Tune in as we continue to discuss Cassian’s next steps from prison, Syril and Dedra’s continued liaisons, and the newest development in Mon Mothma’s family tree, including what we think is Mon’s main conflict. All this and more on this episode of Skytalkers.  Click here to download the episode directly.