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Over the years, we’ve been asked our favorite Star Wars books, reference books, comics, TV show episodes, and more — sometimes for the new Star Wars fan trying to dive deeper, sometimes the listener who wants to get to know us better, and sometimes for the longtime fan who is looking for books on storytelling. We compiled the list that we will continue to update with our favorite Star Wars-adjacent media.


  • The Revenge of the Sith novelization by Matthew Stover
    • Our most referenced Star Wars book by far. A must-read for any Star Wars fan. Not technically canon anymore, but canon-compliant and provides such a beautifully tragic read of Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side 
  • Lost Stars by Claudia Gray
    • The first book release following the DIsney purchase, and we were floored by this book! It tracks the timeline of the entire Original Trilogy and follows two childhood friends as they navigate the Rebellion, the Empire, and their loyalties to each other. 
  • Last Shot by Daniel José Older
    • Last Shot is a hilarious, wonderful romp with Han and Lando. Flip flopping between the past and the present, Older’s book masterfully follows the dynamic duo of Han and Lando. For as fun as this book is, it also packs an emotional punch as Han deals with new fatherhood and both Han and Lando deal with the mistakes of their past. 
  • Bloodline by Claudia Gray
    • Bloodline is a political thriller and another masterpiece by Claudia Gray. In this novel, the reader gets to know Leia Organa in her role as a senator. When the biggest political scandal drops and threatens to uproot Leia’s entire career and family, she enlists the help of her opposing party members to help her set things straight and uncover some mysteries along the way. 
  • The Last Jedi novelization by Jason Fry
    • The novelization of The Last Jedi is one of our all time favorites and an excellent companion to the film. Jason Fry worked closely with Rian Johnson to adapt Johnson’s script and it shows how well written and aligned the novelization is to the film. 
  • The Rise of Kylo Ren by Charles Soule
    • The Rise of Kylo Ren led up to the release of the Rise of Skywalker and follows Ben Solo in the moments leading up to his fall to the Dark Side. This comic series was emotional and let readers get a glimpse of who Ben Solo was before he was tempted to the Dark Side. 



Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Ahsoka’s arc – Season 5
  • The Mortis Trilogy – Season 3
    • Yes, we’re still unpacking the depths of this episode and refer to it often.
  • “The Lawless” – Season 5, Episode 16
  • The Siege of Mandalore arc – Season 7
    • No ending comes close to the finale of The Clone Wars.
  • The Yoda Arc – Season 6, The Lost Missions
    • A Campbellian Hero’s Journey for Yoda in 3 episodes.
  • The Onderon Arc 
  • The Zygerian Arc
  • Ahsoka & the younglings on Ilum
  • “Heroes on Both Sides” – Season 3, Episode
    • An unsung hero in the entirety of The Clone Wars, this episode explores the gray that George and Dave were so willing to explore in the series. Plus, Ahsoka and Padmé’s friendship is adorable.
  • The Umbara Arc – Season 4
  • “Voyage of Temptation” – Season 2
  • “Massacre” – Season 4
  • “The Rise of Clovis” – Season 6

Star Wars: Rebels

  • Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 1 & 2
  • Twin Suns
  • A World Between Worlds & Wolves and a Door
    • Nothing comes close to this episode with how it made us feel. The interconnectivity, the implications, the feeling that the introduction of what happens in this episode could change Star Wars forever.
  • Jedi Night
  • Trials of the Darksaber
  • Zero Hour

Star Wars: Resistance

  • “The Children of Tehar” – Season 1, Episode 6
  • “No Escape” Part 1 and 2 – Season 2, Episode 21 & 22
  • “The Relic Raider” – Season 2, Episode 7
  • “Rendezvous Point” – Season 2, Episode 8
  • “The Escape” Part 1 and 2 – Season 2, Episode 18 & 19

The Mandalorian

  • Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 8

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