Weekly Transmission 6/2/17

… and we’re back for another Weekly Transmission! Here’s a list of Star Wars related things that have been on our mind all week.

1. The film “Looking For Leia,” which profiles fangirls and their relationship with Star Wars, launched their Kickstarter recently. Annalise Ophelian and her crew still have stories to find and let unfold so let’s get them to their goal! Go HERE to donate. (By the way, yes that’s Caitlin’s voice in the sizzle reel!)


2. The Star Wars Show is always great and we are very lucky to have it, but this week’s episode felt especially special, with Mayim Balik stopping by, a tour of Lucasfilm & all the cool stuff around (check in in five years when Caitlin is working in the archives at Lucasfilm #dreamjob), and we get a visit with Kitster. Watch it now.

3. Charlotte was a special guest on two podcasts last week: Podcast 66 with Ryan and Daniel, and Savanna Kiefer’s Dorky Diva Show. Charlotte co-hosts on Podcast 66 and helps the guys interview the amazing Claudia Gray, talks Vanity Fair photos, and Hayden Christensen fandom. Then, she talked with Savanna about everything #SWCO and our mutual favorite show, Master of None. Check them both out!

4.Charlotte’s favorite tweet of the week:

5. While we’re still catching up with all the Star Wars 40th special releases, Jim and Alex over on A Star Wars Comic release an amazing fan-made comic every month on the 25th. This month’s was no exception, and was one of our favorites so far. These guys are extremely talented and the Star Wars fandom is lucky to have them. Click here to read “On the Surface.”

That’s all! No new episode this Saturday, but don’t forget about last week’s episode on Jyn Erso and Rebel Rising. See you next week!

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