Star Wars & Animation: 2012 – 2018

Our fourth annual summer series continues with part 2 of 3, where we explore 2012 through 2018 with Star Wars and animation. On this episode: The Disney sale, the cancellation of The Clone Wars, the Netflix deal, Star Wars Rebels, Lego Star Wars Freemakers, Forces of Destiny, and much more.

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Forces of Destiny with Jennifer Muro

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Jennifer Muro, the sole writer for Star Wars’ Forces of Destiny, joins Caitlin and Charlotte on the show! We talk craft, her favorite episodes, and she shares her Star Wars dinner picks. Then, we discuss your Twitter questions regarding Forces of Destiny—we talk what we hope for the future, our dream episodes, and more. Finally, we respond to criticism of Forces of Destiny. 

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Check out Forces of Destiny on the Disney YouTube channel and Jennifer Muro on Twitter @jennifermuro and Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer!

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