Kintsugi: Transformative Repair (A Meta)

A few months ago, there were Episode IX leaks in the Star Wars community about the return of Kylo Ren’s helmet which have since been proven true through the mural that was unveiled at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, and subsequently through the teaser trailer itself. This was an interesting development because the last time we saw Kylo’s helmet in The Last Jedi, Snoke was ridiculing Kylo, telling him to take that “ridiculous thing off.” Kylo proceeds to smash the mask inside the turbolift, where we last see it in pieces on the ground as he storms away. Rian Johnson has stated that it was actually quite difficult to destroy the mask because its design was so integral to the character’s development in The Force Awakens. He felt it was necessary though as his film sought to begin to understand what was behind the mask.

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Emo Kylo Ren ft. Alexandra Petri

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Emo Kylo Ren makes an appearance on Skytalkers! In this special interview episode, Caitlin and Charlotte talk to the writer and voice behind the extremely popular Twitter account, @KyloR3n — Emo Kylo Ren. What are Alexandra’s creative inspirations? Her favorite tweets? What is her opinion of Kylo Ren and where his character is going to go? What are her opinions on the Rey and Kylo dynamic? All this and more on this special episode of Skytalkers!

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