Celebrating 20 Years of The Phantom Menace, ft. Blast Points Podcast

Charlotte and Caitlin are joined by Jason and Gabe from Blast Points Podcast to count down our 20 favorite things from The Phantom Menace, in celebration of the film turning 20! Plus, Jason and Gabe give their Star Wars Dinner Party answers.

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#skytalkersmachete: The Phantom Menace

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Rev up your podracer because Caitlin and Charlotte are here to talk story, characters, and watching order of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace on this episode of Skytalkers: This Galactic Life. We briefly discuss what we thought of Dark Disciple and the ongoing uploads of Disney’s Forces of Destiny, then we jump right into discussion elements of the Phantom Menace is the first installation of our Machete Series. In part one, we talk story. In part two, we get into the characters. In part 3, we discuss thoughts on the machete order, initial impressions, and the behind the scenes documentary of The Phantom Menace. All this and more on this episode!

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