#skytalkersmachete: Attack of the Clones

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Charlotte and Caitlin are back for the next addition into the #skytalkersmachete series: Attack of the Clones. First, they discuss story and what really worked for them this round of watching, and how this particular order enhances our viewing. Then, we get into the characters: Charlotte talks about why she responds to Anakin and Padmé, and Caitlin brings up points about how intriguing Count Dooku’s character is. In the last section, they talk about deleted scenes and answer some burning questions from Twitter. All this, plus much more on this episode!

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3 thoughts on “#skytalkersmachete: Attack of the Clones

  1. About Padme falling for Anakin – for years she had lived a strict life governed by protocol and etiquette. And here he was – an attractive young man who cared nothing for that and was brutally honest about everything. Padme had no time for being adored by a man or carefree laugher. Anakin gave her both. He was an escape from her politics centred life. He loves her as Padme not as Queen or Senator – he doesn’t care about her position and power in politics. Anakin is really honest with his feelings and he’s really showing her that he loves her deeply. He’s protecting her, putting her first in his priorities, he’s making her laugh. Anakin is driven by his emotions and it’s his greatest asset but also reason for his fall. On top of that let’s not forget that Lucas wanted to portray Anakin and Padme romance just like Romeo and Juliet. We don’t need to see every aspect of their relationship because they were destined to be together and to love each other. It’s very romantic and tragic and it’s space soap opera after all.

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