The Last Jedi: Q&A

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Caitlin and Charlotte finish up their Star Wars: The Last Jedi recap podcasts with the final section, the “catch all.” In part one, they answer plot-based questions, including: What’s something you would personally add or change? Can you define the force bond? What does “tied on a string” mean? In part two, they answer character based questions. They talk about Reylo. They get emotional. They talk about Carrie Fisher and Leia and redemption arcs. They get emotional. In part three, they speculate about the future of the saga.

In the episode, Caitlin reads from two books: “Postcards from the Edge” by Carrie Fisher and “The Theater of War” by Bryan Doerries (narrated by Adam Driver – click here to listen).

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2 thoughts on “The Last Jedi: Q&A

  1. Just wanted to say I love what you say about Reylo in this episode and totally support y’all. I think a lot of people find it really relatable to be someone who ships it or is really intrigued by the dynamic but is too nervous/scared to say so outright on the internet (certain parts of which obviously harbor intense anti-Reylo feelings). But it’s such a shame to deny ourselves the joy of talking about something which simply interests us, and which no one can judge as signifying any one thing as – like all parts of storytelling – it can be viewed in so many different ways and means so many different things to different people. So thank you, basically, for letting your voices be heard, and not being afraid to occupy that space of hesitancy between disinterest and hardcore shipping. It reminds me of what your stance on the prequels has been, which honestly really opened my mind to them and provided a counter-perspective to all the negative voices I’d been exposed to about them. Have really enjoyed your podcast in for a while now; thank you for all your work, and your sincerity. x

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