Art & Preservation in Star Wars


Art history and historic preservation are the topics of this long-awaited episode of Skytalkers. In an episode guided by Caitlin’s Masters, in part one, we discuss “the Lost 20” from Attack of the Clones, monuments, the Jedi, and remembrance. In part two, we talk about Sabine and Thrawn, and how art and art history define them as heroes and villains. In part three, Caitlin talks about film as a studied medium, the National Register of Historic Places + Star Wars, and Skywalker Ranch’s Archive and Library. We finish the podcast with a reading from Camille Paglia’s book Glittering Images. 

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The books mentioned are Loot by Sharon Waxman and Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars by Camille Paglia.
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