Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run

Caitlin and Charlotte discuss the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, “A Quick Salvage Run.” Season 2 Episode 2.

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One thought on “Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run

  1. Loved the review and had a couple of thoughts to add to a future reason to seek the station. We see Smoke’s flagship destroyed which if you look at reference materials is a major construction and repair mobile base for the FO. The FO is built around being mobile and with Starkiller base and soon Snokes ship destroyed, the FO will be in need of any resource they can take.
    Also despite Holdo saying that the Resistance was all aboard the fleet in TLJ we know Leia has other smaller ships like the blockade runner we’ve seen in TROS trailer and the first episode of Resistance and small splinter groups that we’ve read about in Poe Dameron and the upcoming Resistance Reborn book. So there’s a possibility of seeing scattered parts of the Resistance and holdouts from the New Republic. The season 2 trailer showed NR xwings-will Kaz’s father gather some remaining pilots to save the station? Or meet up with the Resistance?

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