“The Fallen Star” (The High Republic) Discussion

At long last, Caitlin and Charlotte finally read “The Fallen Star” by Claudia Gray, Phase 1’s final adult novel in the High Republic series. We give our impressions of the book, then move into a deeper conversation about symbolism and the (many) deaths in this book. Finally, we read and react to book quotes and highlight some of our favorite moments. Spoilers abound! All this and more on this episode of Skytalkers. Click here to download the episode directly!

Claudia Gray on The High Republic

On the 200th episode of Skytalkers, Caitlin and Charlotte welcome fan-favorite Star Wars author, Claudia Gray, on the show to discuss The High Republic, the Force, “Into the Dark”, prophecies, Geode, and so much more. Plus, Claudia gives her Star Wars dinner picks. Spoiler warning for The High Republic era & “Into the Dark” specifically. 

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This episode was edited by Danny Pirtle.

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“Into the Dark” (The High Republic) Discussion

Caitlin and Charlotte break down the new High Republic novel, “Into the Dark” from our favorite Star Wars author, Claudia Gray. First impressions, the natural world vs. industry, favorite characters, Geode, wayseekers, theorizing of where the High Republic is going, and so much more. 

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This episode was edited by Danny Pirtle.

Lost Stars Discussion

Caitlin and Charlotte celebrate the 4th birthday of Lost Stars by Claudia Gray with an in-depth discussion about the themes of loyalty, self-preservation, forbidden romance, and more.

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