“Empire of Dreams” Documentary with Talking Bay 94

Brandon Wainerdi (Talking Bay 94) joins Caitlin and Charlotte to deep dive into the 2004 documentary “Empire of Dreams.” They discuss their impressions of it, how it has shaped their fandom, favorite moments, and more. Plus, some discussion about other behind-the-scenes Star Wars moments *and* Brandon answers the Star Wars dinner question. 

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Looking for Leia: Docuseries & Fandom with Dr. Annalise Ophelian

Dr. Annalise Ophelian returns to Skytalkers to deliver some amazing news about the upcoming docuseries focusing on female and non binary fandom, Looking for Leia, coming to a TV near you very soon!!!!!! Caitlin and Charlotte talk fandom culture, the progression of the series, “women are craft and men are fine art,” and more with Dr. Ophelian.

Find out more information about Looking for Leia coming to SYFY network!

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