Live from Dragon Con 2018: Episode IX Speculation Panel

Here’s audio from panel we are on at this year’s Dragon Con: Episode IX Speculation! Thanks to our awesome panelists, Bethany and Riley Blanton (The Star Wars Report) and Alex and Mollie Damon (Star Wars Explained)! We had a great time at this year’s convention — big thanks to everyone we met who made the weekend the best!

Here’s a link to the awesome sizzle reel Mollie cut together to get us hyped:

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Skytalkers take Dragon*Con 2017 – Photos, Panel Audio, & Recap


Our second year at Dragon*Con was even better than our first. It solidified to both of us that Dragon*Con is a really special convention—in a world when geek culture just gets more and more prevalent and comic conventions turn into major film announcements, somehow Dragon*Con strikes the balance of being a traditional “every-fan” convention as well as a major hub of celebrities across all mediums. It remains as one of the largest sci-fi conventions in the world. This year, the four-day convention broke records by welcoming more than 80,000 people.

This year was special for us, though. Last year when we attended, the idea for us starting a podcast was born. We found that a whole group of people existed—beyond the small circle of creators and podcasters we had heard of—that was interested in having very in-depth discussions about these films. It was the spark that got our mind working: how can we join this conversation? (A few months later, Skytalkers was born.)

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