Live from Dragon Con 2018: Episode IX Speculation Panel

Here’s audio from panel we are on at this year’s Dragon Con: Episode IX Speculation! Thanks to our awesome panelists, Bethany and Riley Blanton (The Star Wars Report) and Alex and Mollie Damon (Star Wars Explained)! We had a great time at this year’s convention — big thanks to everyone we met who made the weekend the best!

Here’s a link to the awesome sizzle reel Mollie cut together to get us hyped:

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One thought on “Live from Dragon Con 2018: Episode IX Speculation Panel

  1. Great job on the panel! You did a fantastic job representing your views on what you (and many of us) would like to see in Episode 9. As someone who is hoping for Bendemption, it’s nice to have intelligent podcasters like yourselves who have a voice in the SW community.

    Speaking of redemption, I was watching the Disney film Saving Mr. Banks tonight and there is a scene in it that spoke about forgiveness and the storytellers role in “instilling hope.” I was already in tears and then I applied this to the sequel trilogy, Ep. 9 and of course Ben and even more tears flowed! I found the scene on YouTube. If you haven’t seen the film, I don’t want to spoil it for you! So I’d highly recommend it. But this scene is so poignant that I do have a hard time understanding not wanting to see someone being forgiven for their sins. Here’s to Bendemption and a happy ending for all! Thank you!

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