The Mandalorian: Chapter 24 “The Return” (Finale, Season 3, Episode 8) Discussion

It’s the finale of The Mandalorian Season 3! What did we think? The ending? The fighting! The action sequences! What’s next for our crew? We discuss all this plus the theme of renewal, our favorite sequences, the restoration of Mandalore, the satisfaction we both feel, and so much more. Click here to download the episode directly.

The Mandalorian: Chapters 17 & 18 “The Apostate” & “The Mines of Mandalore” (Season 3) Discussion

The Mandalorian is back, baby! First, Caitlin and Charlotte express gratitude about the past week, talk about what the premiere was like, and then begin discussing and breaking down “The Apostate” and “The Mines of Mandalore” — both incredible Mando episodes. Bo Katan, pirates, the future of Mandalore, how this relates to Ozymandias, and so much more. Click here to download the episode directly!