The Bad Batch: Dee Bradley Baker, Jennifer Corbett, Brad Rau, and Michelle Ang Interviews

We’re so close to The Bad Batch season 2 and we’re so excited to cover it on Skytalkers! For our first piece of coverage, we were able to participate in roundtable interviews with:

Jennifer Corbett (Head Writer/Executive Producer) & Brad Rau (Supervising Director/Executive Producer)
Dee Bradley Baker (voice of The Bad Batch)
Michelle Ang (voice of Omega)

This discussion is spoiler free but there are so many interesting things that this cast and crew brings up about the process. Plus, Dee Bradley Baker says “Skytalkers”! … and so much more.

Thanks to our fellow roundtable participants!: Skywalking Through Neverland, Full of Sith, Jedi News, Fangirls Going Rogue, Father Son Galaxy, Tarkin’s Top Shelf, and Fantha Tracks.

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The Bad Batch: “Kamino Lost” Discussion

The finale of season one of The Bad Batch is here and boy is it a winner. Caitlin and Charlotte break down the emotions, heartbreak, breathtaking visuals, metaphors, and so much more. Thank you for listening to our recaps all season long! Here’s to season 2. <3 

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The Bad Batch: “Return to Kamino” Discussion

Caitlin and Charlotte discussion part 1 of the finale, “Return to Kamino”, episode 15 of The Bad Batch! Emotions run high during this episode where we were on the edge of our seats the entire time. Topics include: Redemption, music, comparing TLJ/ESB/ROTS and The Clone Wars, “the bet,” and so much more.

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Gwendoline Yeo (Nala Se) on The Bad Batch: Roundtable Interview

Caitlin and Charlotte joined a group of fan sites and podcasts for a roundtable interview with the voice actress behind Nala Se and other Star Wars animated characters like Cato Parasitti to discuss her evolving role in The Bad Batch! She talks about voice performance, what Star Wars means to her, learning new things about Kaminoans, and much more. She was an absolute delight. Thanks so much to Lucasfilm for this amazing opportunity!

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The podcasters and fan sites who asked questions besides Skytalkers:

Tricia Barr / FAN GIRL BLOG
James Burns / JEDI NEWS

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