Skytalkers: Introduction & Star Wars Dinner

We’re excited to finally start our Star Wars discussion based podcast, Skytalkers! This first episode sets up our goals for our podcast. Join us as we introduce ourselves and tell our very own Star Wars Stories: how and when we became hardcore fans. We finish this short episode with playing one of our favorite nerdy games: who would you bring to your Star Wars-themed dinner? Our answers change rapidly and today they’re different than yesterday’s. The first episode of Skytalkers is filled with a lot of fan-fueled excited as we begin this journey!

2 thoughts on “Skytalkers: Introduction & Star Wars Dinner

  1. Hi!! Just discovered you both and am plugging away on listening to the podcasts. I am definitely an avid star wars fan too but purely from the original trilogy and reboots. Mainly the reboots like you girls as I www able to see those in theaters. I’ve never delved in more than that into the history and origins, etc. What would you guys reccomend in terms of reading material for the star wars history? You girls can talk with such knowledge on it that I lack for sure but with the love I have for the film’s I’d be eager to read more.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!

    Keep up the fantastic work!


    1. Hi Korrine! Thank you so much for listening!!! I can’t really express how much it means to us. Caitlin and I have been trying to rack our brains all day about delving into Star Wars history… There’s a couple of books I think we can direct you to that might be good starting places: How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by Chris Taylor is an excellent source of fun history. It came out right before The Force Awakens and provides a really good take on all things George Lucas, Star Wars, influences, and even the Disney sale.
      Then, for more of a deep dive, maybe check out some of JW Rinzler’s books on the original trilogy (The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film being the most famous).
      I also just finished The World According to Star Wars by Cass Sunstein which was less history (it’s there, though) and more myth study.
      Caitlin and I talk about it often, but one of the documentaries that stands out among the fray is “Empire of Dreams.” It’s a long watch but it’s worth it.
      I hope this helps (and isn’t too overwhelming!). If you want to talk about it further you can reply here or email me directly––I’m always happy to give more recommendations or hear what you think! Thanks so much for listening and may the force be with you! – Charlotte

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