Fan-Created Media, ft. Amy Richau and Danny Pirtle

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This episode is all about fan-created media and how it enriches our Star Wars fandom experience. There is no community like the Star Wars community, especially when fans are creating awesome content every day to support their passions. Caitlin and Charlotte are joined by Amy Richau (@amyrichau), writer for and creator of  #365StarWarsWomen, a project chronicling a different woman involved in Star Wars a day. They talk with her about fandom, women in Star Wars, and get to know her story.
Next, they’re joined by Danny Pirtle (@DannyPirtle19), creator of a website called Porgology that hosts articles, think pieces, and catalogs the different alien creatures that appear across the Star Wars canon. Danny then asked Caitlin and Charlotte to create a “Star Wars dinner” with only aliens and creatures.
Finally, Caitlin and Charlotte discuss two aspects of their fandom: fanfiction and fan-created videos. What’s up with the stigma behind fanfiction? What are our favorites and what do we look for in a “good” fanfiction? Why do we love fanvids so much and what is their origin? All this and more on this episode of Skytalkers!
Recommended by Charlotte:
1) Hidden by Disco Shop Girl, 2) Shattered Glass by Padlei 
Fan videos:
Recommended by Caitlin:
Here’s Our Channel Playlist where a ton of the ones Caitlin mentioned, and more, are stored.
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