Fulcrum Files: Finale (A Fool’s Hope, Family Reunion, & Farewell)

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The finale of Star Wars: Rebels is here and we’re here to talk about it. Spoilers ahead! First, Caitlin gives her 30 second recap on this epic finale. Then, they each give 2 highs and 1 low about the episodes overall. Next, they discuss the story elements of Rebels: what is the state of the Rebellion? How did we feel about the ending? Could we have predicted it would come to this point? What makes a story especially “Filoni” and how do we feel about that? In the character section, we go through each character. We answer a listener email addressing some concerns about women representation in the finale — and we give our thanks to the creators of the show, as well as the fans.

Thanks so everyone who has listened to this mini-series this season! You are all awesome.

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