Visions, Caves, and Premonitions in Star Wars

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Our 50th episode (!!!) is all about Force visions, premonitions, and cave sequences in Star Wars. What do these obstacles mean for our characters? What purpose do they serve in the story, and what do they mean? In part one, we talk about the prequel trilogy and the Clone Wars: Anakin’s dreams, Mortis (Ahsoka and Anakin), and even the Clone Wars microseries. In part two, it’s all about the original trilogy: Luke’s cave sequence and his vision of his friends dying. We also talk briefly about Rebels. In part three, we discuss the sequel trilogy: Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens, the mirror cave in The Last Jedi, and Rey and Kylo’s visions together. All this and more on this episode of Skytalkers!

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One thought on “Visions, Caves, and Premonitions in Star Wars

  1. I think Ben mentioned Rey’s parents in the context of her turning because he believed that the knowledge of who they were would make her feel scared enough to turn. I think this is also part of why the force vision tried to make her feel alone.

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