The Dark Side

Caitlin and Charlotte lead with the question: Once you start down the dark path, *does* the Dark Side forever dominate your destiny? We trace the dark side’s historical origins, including the early drafts of Star Wars with the Ashla and Bogan, to the Revenge of the Sith novelization and much more. Then we dive into Anakin Skywalker’s journey into the dark side and parse through our origin hypothesis. Finally, we talk about Ben Solo, redemption, and whether the dark side *does* dominate his destiny, and what that means for the story. We talk about Robert Bly’s concept on the human shadow and how that relates to the Dark Side. All this and more on this episode of Skytalkers! This episode was edited by Danny Pirtle.

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One thought on “The Dark Side

  1. Hey Charlotte,
    I sent you a reply on twitter about Rey being “used” by the Force. I was arguing that the Force was deterministic. I was incorrect. George Lucas does believe in freewill but the metaphysical beliefs that leads him to that conclusion, I suspect, are rooted in Christian theology and the nature of God. The belief is that God is a benevolent being; that God would not be a benevolent being if it was omnipotent of controlling all of human action and it also solves the problem of evil. So humans can choose to follow the Will of God (The Will of the Force) or to deny it. The redemption of Vader could be seen as an atheist accepting God (because atheists are incapable of being moral) before their death like the ending of God’s Not Dead.

    Thank you, I am now awakened. I now either need to give up Star Wars or create an entirely new head cannon about the nature of the Force.

    -The Mycelium Zine

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