Skytalkers Gift Guide for the Star Wars Fan 2021

Hi all! With the holidays in full swing, we wanted to share some of our favorite Star Wars-themed gifts and purchases with you all. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items, including fan-made and officially licensed merch, that are perfect for the fellow Star Wars fan. 

Our favorite Star Wars zine: Into a Larger World by Kara DJ
Kara was a guest in the summer of 2020 on our show – we both adore getting her fantastic ‘zine. Next year she’s producing a quarterly zine and you can subscribe now! 

The cutest advent calendar: Advent Calendar from Insight Editions
Is it December yet? So excited to open this every day on our TikTok account.

T-Shirts and Mugs we love: AFanOfShop
This shop has some of the most unique and creative Star Wars merch out there. We particularly love this Morai keychain and this festive Rebels gingerbread hoodie

Current favorite art book: The Art of The Mandalorian Season One
Listen, all art books are fantastic and our favorite thing to collect. But this one is really special. We’re also preordering Phil’s upcoming art book on Season Two, out next year.

A luxe and truly incredible purchase: Star Wars Archives Book
This collection of Star Wars history is just absolutely incredible and often cited on our show. The collection on the prequels is unmatched as well. 

The cookbook we’re loving lately: Life Day Cookbook
The Star Wars cookbooks are always fun, but this one is especially cozy. 

For the classics and Star Wars lover: The Odyssey of Star Wars by Jack Mitchell
This Star Wars-ified version of The Odyssey is truly wonderful.

Our favorite purchase ever: Kylo Ren Kotobuyika Figure
This figure remains one of – if not the – favorite purchase ever. Kylo sits on my desk all day while I work. We both love the styling of this figure and that it comes with two interchangeable pieces, the burned Vader helmet and his own helmet. 

The Bad Batch mania: Fanmade Lula and ShopDisney Lula
Wrecker (and now Omega)’s Lula is just the cutest ever. We love our homemade ones made by our friend Savanna. Now Disney is producing their own, and they’re super cute. Fanmade Lulas are still amazing options. PS: Look at these super cute Lula earrings!

The coziest gift ever: Barefoot Dreams Mandalorian Robe and Grogu blanket
Barefoot Dreams makes the absolute coziest blankets and robes – how cool is it that they have a Star Wars collection? 

A cuddly companion for Star Wars movie nights: Grogu Squishmallow
It’s extremely hard to find the exact extra-large Grogu squishmallow we got last year at Costco, but they seem to have redesigned the face and now it’s somehow even cuter? 

Can’t go wrong with: Skytalkers Merch
Of course, we love our own merch. Support the show by purchasing a shirt, mug, or tote! 

Fellow stationery lovers: Erin Condren’s Star Wars Collection 
The ability to personalize Erin’s amazing Star Wars journals, stickers, and pencil pouches is so delightful. We both have so much from this collection. 

Fantastic subtle Star Wars merch: Outer Space Outpost
This shop has some of our favorite merch, too, including the amazing hat “Jedi want me, Sith fear me,” which gets a laugh every time I wear it. 

Wonderful pins and artwork: Lorna-Ka
Ksenia’s artwork is just so gorgeous. We love her highly-detailed pins and the amount of animation-based Star Wars merch she produces. 

For fellow pin-lovers: Squadron Goals Pins
Our talented friend Courtney creates the most perfect and ever-changing Star Wars pins for all fans. She especially produced beautiful Reylo pins and is coming out with a Ben Solo plushie very soon!

If you also like Dave Filoni: The Trapper Wolf Action Figure
The packaging is cool and so is “Trapper Wolf” aka Dave Filoni.

Happy holidays and may the Force be with you! – Charlotte & Caitlin

*Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning the podcast will earn a commission if you click through a make a purchase.

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